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Goods loading lifts

With the guideline "The quality of the product is the decisive factor for the development of the factory", Nipponvina Automatic Parkings and Elevators Factory is the partner of the big companies such as Nippon Elevator - Japan; Mitsubishi Elevator Group; Fuji Elevator;… At Nipponvina factory, we use the modern machines: The Punching Machine CNC TRUMATIC 500, The Punching Machine CNC AMADA AC2510, The lathe CNC KOMATSU, The laser cutting machine Mazak Super Turbo - X48,... in order to provide customers with the products garanting highest level of aesthetics and stability.


Why install cargo lifts?

Cargo lifts are a means of transporting goods which helps human to release labor, save time, garantee the safety of goods during transportation in factories, warehouses or high buildings. Therefore, the use of cargo ladders is extremely important.

- Time saving: With cargo lifts, there are various moving options such as 20m/min, 50m/min, 90m/min, 120m/min, ... and it can be faster due to user's demand and technical design of cargo lifts. Therefore, the choice of elevator speed helps to save time and achieve efficiency, productivity.

- Labor saving: Using cargo lifts is a way to save human labor effectively. Thereby, we can save the cost of hiring labor, reduce the cost of production of the business

- Assurance of cargo safety: When using specialized cargo lifts, using camera technology or infrared sensors with the integrated system of the load balancing helps users to safely transport goods.


With the above criteria, Nipponvina offers high quality cargo lifts:

Along with the development of the country as well as the development of the mining industry, machine manufacturing industry, processing, seafood processing technology and welcome investment trends of FDI such as Samsung, Camon, Brother,... with the economic development of the people of Vietnam, the cargo elevators of the Nipponvina factory meet the requirements of the day.

Nipponvina Automatic Parkings and Elevators Factory has a team of well-trained engineers from Japan, Korea and Vietnam who is trained by experienced engineers in the field of elevator. Therefore, the cargo lifts products of the factory is designed exquisitely according to the characteristics of each building, in accordance with the aesthetic of the building.


Advantages of Cargo Lifts at Nipponvina Automatic Parkings and Elevators Factory

- The quality of the cargo lifts: With the smoothness of the goods and the stability in the process, we apply the inverter system Nippon, Fuji. The control cabinet includes inverter board compatible with imported tractors from Japanese, Korean Nippon Factory,… Commitment to bring absolute satisfaction to customers in the process of use.

- Quality professional services: With the guideline "The customer is paying for staffs of the company", we value the experience and customer satisfaction is a prerequisite element. Our technical design team and installation technicians are available 24 hours a day. In addition, the Nipponvina factory adopts the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 to provide routine maintenance and servicing procedures throughout its customer service as well as after-sales service

- Reasonable price: With the criteria of importing important parts: tractors, circuit boards, cables imported directly from Nippon, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Nippon, Nissan, Kobe from which the Nipponvina factory created products committed to bring customers the most affordable product.


In addition, we also offer the following products. Please take a look at our products:


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